12 exhibitions

Project 12 sculptures from 12 artists for 12 months has derived from the co-operation with several artists and authors and it has resulted in a tour of 12 exhibitions with an aim to show this project in 12 countries around the world.


The main aim of the exhibition is to inform society on the situation of peat resources and usage in the world, geographical location, formation of peat, usage of peat in household, medicine, creative industries etc. If compared to other natural resources, peat is rather unknown theme for wider society, thus the idea of the project is to promote ways of informing society on this material.


The content of the exhibition has been developed using various visual communication methods to arouse interest in this material, resource and unique nature formation that has originated on our planet for thousands of years.




Our exhibition consists of several parts – 12 peat sculptures, a book (it is possible to look trough it at the exhibition), 18 min long film, graphical information (summary on peat industry, its importance and usage in the world).


The content of the exhibition’s graphical information is adapted individually to every particular place, adding information that is characteristic to the place and its relation with this resource (an individual stand is prepared for this information).


All visual, informative and technical materials of the exhibition are available at peatprojects.com.




At the moment the project is supported by brands – Laflora and April Market – that have been supportive since the very beginning (those brands would always be displayed on all visual and graphical materials related to this project) as well as Latvian Institute and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia.